TENKER Upgrade Lumens Q5 Mini Projector Review

A projector is the only gadget that can give you the benefit to watch your favorite movies and shows on a big screen. If you want to watch something on a giant screen, you must buy the best projector for yourself. But it is not necessary to buy an expensive or big projector to make your cinema.

There are thousands of projectors available in the market, but you can’t try all of them. That’s why I have selected TENKER Upgrade Lumens Q5 Mini Projector for you. This is one of the best as well as inexpensive products that you can buy.

If you have a laptop or PC, I must tell you this is the best projector for MacBook. You can do incredible things by connecting it to your MacBook. The very first thing that you can do with it is projection mapping.

This little gadget is made for everyone who wants to buy a projector but can’t afford it. This Tenker mini projector has all the abilities at such a fantastic price that you won’t believe it.

TENKER Upgrade Lumens Q5 Mini Projector Review:

TENKER Upgrade Lumens Q5 Mini Projector

  • Hardware Interface: VGA, USB
  • Brand: Tenker
  • Item Weight: 0.88 pounds
  • Contrast ratio: 2000:1
  • Max Throw Distance: 16: 4 Feet

Tenker is an international brand that manufactures different electronic devices for its clients. They have got so much popularity among people that their products are being used worldwide.

If you never used their projector, give it a try and be a fan of their gadgets.

1- Price:

The very first thing that amazed me was its price. It is inexpensive, and everyone can easily buy it, whether they have a short budget or high. If you have a short budget, then congratulations now you can also buy the best projector for watching movies.

If you have a high budget, then you must scream because you can save hundreds of dollars. You must check its price; I’m 100% sure you’ll instantly buy it.

2- Packaging:

I fell in love with its packaging when I received this package. Is there anyone who doesn’t like to receive their order in great packaging? The company packs it so well that there are no chances of breakage or damage.

3- Projection:

I’m impressed with the projection because it varies from 32 inches to 176 inches. On the other hand, you don’t need to place or hang your projector far away from the screen. Keep it 1.5m away from the projection, and enjoy watching your favorite movies on it.

4- Quiet:

Tenker has upgraded its system and has used dual-fan cooling technology. This technology reduces the noise that is produced due to heat and cools down the speakers. When these built-in speakers remain cool, you can easily hear all the voices clearly.

5- Lamp Life:

The lamp life to tenker projector is fantastic. It can work for 50,000 hours in its life, and you can use it continuously for 60 years. Continuous use of this TENKER Upgrade Lumens Q5 Mini Projector will give you more clear results. If you use it for 2 hours every night, you’ll get incredible image results.

6- Stereo Speakers:

The speakers are newly made, and you’ll get a clearer voice than other projectors. The voice is so clear and high that you don’t need to attach an outer speaker. If you are using it with many people, you must use an external speaker for a high voice.

7- Specifications:

Other than these qualities mentioned above, there are many other specifications that you’ll enjoy after buying it. 

  • 480p native resolution
  • 1080p supportive resolution
  • 2000:1 resolution
  • 16:10 aspect resolution
  • ±15 keystone correction 
  • 32-170 inches screen size

So, these are a few more specifications that you’ll get. You can enjoy all of these features after buying them. Now, don’t waste your time and buy this mini projector at such a fantastic price.

8- Tips and Cons:

Read these tips carefully, and don’t forget while buying or using this TENKER Q5 Mini Projector.

  • If you want to connect your smartphones, you need an HDMI display dongle. But, it is not included in the box, you have to buy it separately.
  • It doesn’t support the dolby sound. 
  • This projector doesn’t support WIFI or Bluetooth options. 
  • You can use it for home theatre, but it is not suitable for your office presentations. 
  • Your room must be dark for high-quality videos. 


1- How do I connect it to my smartphone?

Ans: A Wi-Fi HDMI display dongle (not included) is needed to connect the projector with smartphones and tablets.
Quick and easy to set up out of the box. Connected to my Galaxy S9 with a USBC to HDMI cable (not included) in two minutes. Plugged in, set to HDMI in the menu via the included remote (see picture), and watched a Netflix movie on my wall.

2- How many Lumens does this projector have?

Ans: This projector has 1500 lumens which is a good number for a dark room. You can easily watch high-quality images and videos in a dark room.

3- Can I use the wall as a projection?

Ans: You can project on a wall, but if there are any blemishes/bumps/holes from nails, they are noticeable, you’ll not get clear results. You can also use a sheet to project onto, and it works fine.


In short, TENKER Upgrade Lumens Q5 Mini Projector is suitable for your home. You can easily watch everything high-quality in a dark room. 1500 lumens will give you a crystal clear image in a dark room. On the other hand, the native and supportive resolution will provide you with HD results.

If you buy, I’m 100% sure you’ll never regret it.

Secondly, nobody is offering incredible features at such a fantastic price. So, don’t waste your time and buy it now by clicking on the link.