How to Use a Projector Outside During the Day

If you have a crazy family and friends, you must have an idea of how much they love to travel, party, and watch movies. 

I have such a fantastic family that every weekend, my whole family is ready for outings and to watch movies outside. 

I have to obey them and start traveling, but the main problem we were facing was the right type of projector. 

It wasn’t easy to choose the best projector for daylight viewing. We tried several projectors, searched about them, and now I have some tips for you. These tips will tell you How to Use a Projector Outside During the Day easily. 

Scroll down your screen, read my experience, and those magical tips that will surely help you. So, read this article from top to end and have fun with your crazy family without any disturbance.

How to Use a Projector Outside During the Day:

I’ll answer different questions that I faced in the past. I’m 100% sure you’ll also have these questions in your mind. 

So, let’s start.

1- Can you use a projector outside?

In short, yes, you can use a projector outside, but you need to buy a special one that has a high number of lumens. These are the numbers that will help you to watch high-quality movies on a huge screen. 

The right number of lumens you need in the day is 2500 t0 3000, and if a company is offering you more than 4000 lumens, you must buy it. 

Most of the time, people are unaware of this point, and they buy the wrong products. I suggest you before buying a projector you must check how many lumens they are offering.

When you buy the best daylight projector, then you can enjoy watching movies with your crazy family.

2- How many lumens do you need to project in daylight?

Three thousand lumens is the right amount, and you can easily watch everything on the screen in daylight. If you are a fan of HD screens, you must buy a projector with 4000 lumens. 

There are many projectors available in the market that have fantastic quality and brightness. The right product will appear clear, and HD images on the projector screen.

3- Can you use an indoor projector outside?

No, you can’t use your indoor projector outside because indoor projectors only have 1000 lumens. You need 3000 lumens for outdoors during the day, that’s why a room projector will not give you a clear screen outside.

But, if you want to use an indoor projector at night with all the lights off, you can easily use it.

4- Is 3000 lumens too bright?

It is not too bright if you are using a projector in the daylight because 3000 lumens are necessary to make your theater at your home. But, if you are using it indoors in your room, then you may face side effects.

This brightness will affect your eyes and muscles. So, make sure to use 3000 lumens for the outside. It is not suitable for your rooms, but you can easily use a 2000 lumens projector for your rooms.


These are some points that I found essential to tell you. I guarantee now you have an idea How to Use a Projector Outside During the Day. 

If you choose the best projector for daylight viewing, it is confirmed that you’ll not face any problem regarding a projector in daylight. In the end, you must tell me whether this guide helped you or not. 

Comment below and share your experience after watching your favorite movie in daylight.