How do I mirror my phone to a projector

We know that many of you are looking for the best projectors to buy. Let’s talk about something that’ll be important in your home theater experience: how do I mirror my phone to a projector?

This is an easy process that will allow you to share content from your phone or tablet onto any screen with an HDMI input port. It’s really just plug and play.Here’s what you’ll need:

A device with the appropriate app installed – either iOS or Android-based phones work fine; A compatible projector with an HDMI port; An HDMI cable.

How do I mirror my phone to a projector?

You may have seen a video of someone projecting their phone onto a big screen and want to know how you can do it too. Here’s the best way to mirror your phone with any iOS or Android device.
How do I mirror my phone?

First: Connect your phone via wifi and launch the app that you’re using for projection (e.g., AirPlay, Chromecast).
Second: Select your device as an output on the display settings on your laptop or PC.
Third: Make sure both devices are connected to the same network and open up whichever app you want projected from its respective launching screen.

That’s it. You can now watch Netflix from anywhere in your house without having to worry about wires getting tangled around each other.

1-Connect your phone to a projector with an HDMI cable:

Have you ever had to use your phone’s screen as a makeshift projector? It’s not an ideal solution, but it can be done. However, if you want to get the most out of your presentation, then the best way is with an HDMI cable.

Here are some reasons why:    

  • The picture will be more clear and crisp, so there’s less eye strain on everyone in the room.  
  • You’ll have better sound quality because it’ll come through speakers instead of just coming out of your phone speaker.  
  • It won’t drain your battery nearly as fast.

2-Go into the settings on your phone and find “Cast”:

We’re all guilty of using our phone to play music, watch videos, and browse the web while we cook or clean up. But you may not know that your phone can actually be a more efficient cooking timer.

All you need is the Google Home app on your Android and iOS device and an Assistant enabled speaker like the Google Home Mini.

Address these simple steps:
1) Open Google Home App
2) Select “More Settings”
3) Enable Cast in More Settings
4) Link Your Device
5) Choose Speaker
6) Click Done
7) Add Timer
8) Set Alarm
9) Start Timing
10) Stop Timing
11) Play Sound
Put Away Food
Turn Off Appliances

3-You can now mirror your screen onto the projector:

An issue that many businesses face is how to display a computer screen on the projector. With an HDMI cable, you can connect your laptop or tablet to the projector and it will mirror what you’re doing on your computer onto the large screen.

This means no more having to mess with wires or dongles. You can also use this as a presentation device for presentations where you want to show off slides from your PowerPoint slide deck. The best part about this solution is that it’s easy and affordable – anyone from students, teachers, professionals, business owners

  • Anyone with a need for presenting their work in front of others should consider getting one of these cables today.

4-Turn on your phone’s screen mirroring:

“If you want to share your phone’s screen with another device, make sure that the other device is also connected to WiFi. You can turn on screen mirroring by going to Settings > Display and looking for Screen Mirroring.”

“Screen Mirroring will only work if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It won’t work over cellular data or Bluetooth connections.” “You’ll need two apps installed: Chromecast and Quick Share (for Android). For Apple users, use AirPlay instead of Chromecast.”

“Now just open up whichever app you’re using on your phone and tap the Quick Share button in the bottom right corner of the app. A list should pop up showing all available devices including your TV“.

5- Disconnect cables from both devices:

Most people are aware of the dangers of using electrical cables during a thunderstorm, but many don’t know that they can also damage your devices. Disconnecting them is easy and takes less than ten seconds.

Most people do not realize how much electric current can travel through an electrical cord when it is in use. This means that even if you’re just charging your phone, you could be putting yourself at risk for an electric shock or worse if the power goes out while you’re plugged into an outlet.

To avoid this danger, make sure to disconnect any device from its charger before leaving home during bad weather conditions so there isn’t any chance of being electrocuted by accident… Additionally, it’s important to remember to disconnect your devices.


If you want to mirror your phone, tablet or laptop screen on a projector without the hassle of cables and adapters, there are several ways you can do this.

You can use an app like AirServer if it’s available for your device (which is compatible with both Windows and Mac) or purchase Apple TV 4K which will allow you to stream content straight from your iPhone or iPad onto any HDMI-enabled display.

There are also third party devices that will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth such as Vysor Viewer by Google Chrome OS Device Mirroring Beta Program.