Epson Home Cinema 5040UB Projector Review

The Epson Home Cinema 5040UB is an amazing projector for home theater enthusiasts. It has a 4K Enhancement, HDR10, and Tones of settings to help you create the perfect picture. The 3LCD technology it uses ensures that colors are vibrant and accurate, while it’s Ultra Bright 6200 Lumens brightness makes sure that images stay clear even in daylight or brightly lit rooms.

This projector also offers two HDMI ports so you can play your favorite movies on one screen then watch TV live with another.

The Epson Home Cinema 5040UB is the ultimate solution for any home theater enthusiast looking to invest in a high-quality projector. With its many features including 4K enhancement, HDR10, and tone settings, this product will provide years

The Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 3LCD Home Theater Projector with HDR10 and Tone Technology is an incredible projector for your home theater. This product was designed to give you the best quality images possible. This particular model has been rated as one of the top projectors on the market by CNET and PC Magazines alike. So if you need a new projector I highly recommend checking out this product.

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Epson Home Cinema 5040UB Projector:

Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 3LCD Home Theater Projector

  • Brightness: 2500 L
  • Display resolution: 2049 x 1080
  • Item weight: 24.3 pounds
  • Minimum Throw Distance: 1 feet
  • Contrast ratio: 1,000,000:1
  • Item dimensions: ‎20.5 x 17.7 x 7.6 inches

This Epson home cinema projector uses 3LCD technology to deliver amazing lifelike images with resolution that exceeds Full HD. You can enjoy 4K UHD content on this projector, or use its advanced upscaling capabilities to enhance the resolution of your favorite movies and TV shows.

The Lab Ultra-widescreen design ensures a wide viewing angle so you can experience immersive sights and sounds from wherever you’re sitting in the room. It also includes HDR10 for a high dynamic range that delivers an extraordinary range of color detail in both bright and dark scenes.

Enjoy the beautifully detailed video from anywhere with your brand new Epson Home Cinema 5040UB Video Projector.

Immerse yourself in a movie with vibrant colors, look deeper into scenes with excellent contrast, and enjoy video gameplay with immersive 3D effects. Our high brightness projector preserves the dark-to-light ratio that audiences have come to trust from commercial cinema. The lab ultra-white trapezoidal screen makes the text easy to read on any surface or color below it.

See more of what you’re watching on a 135″ diagonal screen – watch movies without pesky black bars at the top and bottom edges. Whether you have limited space or want the best image for your budget, our home theater projectors can bring you closer to these clear images.

Epson has been producing 100% mercury-free electronic equipment since 1996.

Key Features Of Epson Home Cinema 5040UB Projector:

1- 4K Enhancement Technology:

Accepts 4K input and supports HDCP 2.2 for truly immersive scenes with 4K content, delivering the ultimate in breathtaking visuals that will leave your eyes pop out of their sockets.

2- HDR Compatible:

With HDR, you can now enjoy images with a much wider range of brightness levels. These are perfect for those who want their photos and videos to look more realistic than ever before.

3- Powered Lens Position Memory:

The camera’s lens and focal point can be moved to adjust for different shooting positions. It also has a 2x zoom, which is perfect if you’re going into close quarters or want more distance between yourself and your subject while taking pictures of landscapes/architecture respectively.

4- Expansive Color Gamut:

Get a brilliant, color-rich performance with the ability to display colors from an entire sRGB space plus DCI (Digital Cinema Mode).

5- Bright and Colorful:

The Ultrafire XC2 delivers a whopping 2,500 lumens of color and white light. This means you can use it for all sorts of things from reading at night to hiking in the wild or camping with your friends.

The output tone should be engaging.

6- Ultra Black Levels:

With a contrast ratio up to 1,000:1, it is possible for the image on this screen to be more than twice as bright and still appear dark because of its Enhanced Display Mode.

7- 3‐Dimensional Picture:

Using a projector, you can now project 3D images in your living room. This will produce an immersive experience for all those who attend.


  • The picture quality is Amazing.
  • The colors are amazing
  • Fan noise is quite


  • Power supply issue

Questions and Answers:

Q1-Does this have rear projection?

ANS: Yes – either ceiling or shelf orientation as well.

Q2-Can this projector be used for a 16-foot outdoor blow-up screen?

ANS: Yes, this projector can be used for a 16-foot outdoor blow-up screen.

Q3-Is the power cord white or black?

ANS: The power cord is black.


Epson 5040ub projector review is a great choice for those looking to buy a new 1080p display. It has plenty of connectivity options, including HDMI and VGA ports as well as an SD card slot with both USB-A and USB-B connections available.

Plus the lamp life is up to 2,000 hours in ECO mode so you can enjoy worry-free viewing without having to replace your bulb every few months.

The only downside we see with this model is that it doesn’t have the wireless capability but if you’re not too concerned about being able to control from afar then this might be just what you need.

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