Epson Home Cinema 3LCD Projector Review

When we need something for our home, buying the best thing from the best brand is always suggested. The same rule applies to the projector that is the most necessary gadget for everyone nowadays. People from all over the world love to watch movies on a big screen.

After knowing the demand of the people worldwide, we decided to tell you about the best projector. The very first company or brand that we selected was Epson (outbound link).

Epson is an American company that has been working since 1942. They have manufactured millions of electronic products for their customers. All of their gadgets are made with high-quality materials.

If you ever used their projectors, you must know their quality, brightness, contrast, and many more things. Today, I want to inform you about the Epson Home Cinema 3LCD Projector.

This is one of the best projectors for daylight viewing (interlinking) and projector mapping. From brightness to image quality, everything is incredible.

So, let’s start a review of the Epson Home Cinema 3LCD Projector. In this review article, you’ll get to know everything about it.

Epson Home Cinema 3LCD Projector:

In this review article, I’ll explain everything that you need to know before buying it. At the end of this review, you can easily decide that you must buy it by clicking on the link below.

1- Brightness:

The very first thing you need to know is how much brightness this projector can produce. Remember one thing that whether you use it for daylight viewing or projection mapping, both demands high brightness.

This Epson Home Cinema 3LCD Projector can produce 2,600 lumens which is a good number to watch something in daylight. On the other hand, it is suitable for projection mapping.

A projector with color brightness and white brightness. It means you can control its brightness according to your need.

2- High Resolution:

The resolution is the feature that enhances the clarity of the image and shows every single detail of the picture on the screen. A high-resolution projector can show crystal clear videos and photos on the projection.

There are different types of resolution that companies use, but Epson always made 1080p resolution projectors. This is the high number of resolutions that companies are using nowadays for projection mapping. In other words, this is the best projector for projection mapping (interlinking).

3- Incredible Contrast Ratio:

What do you know about contrast ratio?

Let me guess the answer, the feature that shows the bright white, brightest, and darkest black dark on a projection. This is the correct answer, but you’ll be amazed after knowing the contrast ratio of this fantastic projector.

60,000:1 is the contrast ratio of this Epson Home Cinema 3LCD Projector. This is one of the best numbers that a projector can use. You can see high-quality and rich details of the images on a projection.

In short words, this is the best projector for projection mapping because you need to show every single detail on a 3D surface. You can see every color differently on the projection. People who are using this projector are in love with this incredible contrast ratio.

4- Connectivity:

These are the names of the items that you can connect with them.

Laptops and PCs
Game console
TV stick
DVD players
Cable box
Apple TV
Digital camera
You can easily connect these gadgets with your projector by using the cables.

You don’t need to worry about where you can connect it. There are six ports where you can easily connect these devices.

  • HDMI1
  • HDMI2 or MHL
  • D Sub
  • USB connector
  • Mini USB
  • Audio Out

These are all the ports that you need to connect your smart devices. You have to buy cables separately because the company is only giving the power cord in the box.

5- Screen Size:

Epson allows you to project a screen from 80 inches to 120 inches. If you set your projector 8 inches away from the projection, you can get an 80 inches widescreen. Increase the distance, and you’ll get a wider screen.

6- Pros/Cons:

Except for the qualities mentioned above, these are a few more features that the Epson projector has. These small specifications make it more demanding in the market. Secondly, these specifications are taken from the reviews of the people.


Very bright, that’s why you can use it in daylight.
Easy to adjust and use.
You can adjust keystones from all four corners.
High-quality and clear pictures are produced on the projection.


Very heavy
The fan produces noise
A little bit expensive

7- FAQs:

These are a few questions that arise in the mind of users. If you have any questions related to these, we have answered all of them. Read them and get the right answer.

1- Can I Use An Epson Projector Outside?

Ans: Yes, you can use it outside because you need more than 2,500 lumens to watch something in daylight. If your projector is offering you a higher number of lumens, you can easily use it outside. Make sure to set it under a shady area because it will give you more promising results.

2- Does The Epson Projector Have Audio Output?

Ans: Yes, the Epson Home Cinema 3100 Full HD 1080p 3LCD Projector has an Audio Out port to connect to external self-powered speakers.

3- What Is The Lamp Life Of An Epson Projector?

Ans: The Epson Home Cinema 3100 has the following lamp life:

  • High Power Consumption mode:
    Up to about 3500 hours
  • Medium Power Consumption mode:
    Up to about 4000 hours
  • ECO Power Consumption mode:
    Up to about 5000 hours

Turn off the product when not in use to prolong the life of the projector. Lamp life will vary depending upon the mode selected, environmental conditions, and usage. Brightness decreases over time.

Sum Up:

Let’s sum up this review article by saying that “this is all about Epson Home Cinema 3LCD Projector you need to know. I have done massive research for this 3LCD projector so that you may easily decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

If you find it right, then click on the link and add it to your cart. Now, it’s your turn to buy it because I have explained everything to you.

Now, go and purchase this fantastic Epson projector and make your cinema in your home.