BenQ DLP HD Projector (HT2050) Review

BenQ DLP HD Projector (HT2050) is a 3D Home Theater Projector that comes with an All-Glass Cinema. This projector supports the latest advances in technology including HDMI, MHL, USB and more. It also has a built-in speaker so you can enjoy your favorite content without needing to connect external speakers or sound system.

If you want to have an advanced home theater experience on a tight budget, then this is the perfect projector for you. The HT2050 includes all of the features that are essential for any great projector setup including: Horizontal/Vertical Keystone Correction, Lens Shift Range of 26% Vertical & 10% Horizontal(for both zoom lenses), Clear Image Enhancer Plus.

There are many different reasons to buy a projector. Some people want the perfect home theater setup with high-quality sound and visuals, some people need an interactive tool for their classroom or business presentations, while others just want something to watch TV in bed late at night. The BenQ DLP HD Projector (HT2050) is one of the best projectors if you’re looking for a projector that can do it all.

It’s sleek design makes it great for 3D home theater setups but also allows it to be used as a traditional 2D home theater projection when paired with other devices such as DVD players and gaming consoles. This is because unlike most projectors, the HT2050 has built-in speakers which provide clear sound without need.

BenQ DLP HD Projector (HT2050) – 3D Home Theater Projector:

BenQ DLP HD Projector (HT2050)

  • Hardware interface: VGA, D-Sub, USB, Component Video, Composite Video
  • Wattage: 353 w
  • Brightness: 2200 L
  • Controller type: remote control
  • Contrast ratio: 15000:1
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Item weight: 7.27 pounds
  • Item dimensions: ‎10.9 x 15 x 14.7 inches

The BenQ HT2050 projector is the perfect home theater device.

At 3D 1080p, with a bright 2200 lumen and massive 15000:1 contrast ratio, this projector will cast only the finest and brightest of images on your screen. With a premium RGBRGB color wheel and ISF calibration for day or night viewing, the range is unbeatable. Plus you finally can hear what’s going on in those scenes thanks to whisper-quiet operation as well as highest rated fan noise in its class (over 1% quieter than previous models). And with short throw technology (60″ – 180″) you won’t have to worry about dislocating your arm putting up curtains let alone adjusting distance from screen.

BenQ DLP HD Projector (HT2050)- 3D Home Theater Projector for the ultimate movie watching experience. Play all your favorite movies at Full 1080p resolution or even in stunning 3D thanks to BenQ’s advanced projection system. With quiet, powerful performance and flexible specifications, the HT2050 is the perfect cinema projector for everyday use.


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Key Features Of BenQ DLP HD Projector (HT2050):

1- CinematicColor For Colors As Directors Envisioned:

CinematicColor is a company that has created a technology to deliver enhanced images. The Cinematic Color optimized color schemes help bring out the most accurate and detailed visuals for your home cinema enjoyment, as well as comply with Rec.709 HDTV standards so you can enjoy it on all types of screens.

2- Only True Colors Convey Deep Feelings:

True colors evoke feelings of sorrow, joy and romance by preserving the original image. Our home cinema projectors are able to convey “true” color with CinematicColor technology that brings out every last detail in high definition Television (HDTV) standard Rec709 coverage for a perfect viewing experience you’ll never forget.

3- Rec.709 For Color Accuracy:

Rec.709 is the international HDTV standard that depicts colors in films as they were meant to be seen. With a 6x speed RGBRGB color wheel, HT2050 enables over 96% coverage for authenticity while delivering refined and true-to-life colors of truest reproduction with Rec 709 enabled TVs or monitors.

4- Superior Projection with 100” of Big-Screen:

With the BenQ HT2050 you’ll be able to enjoy big-screen theater entertainment in any room. This projector can produce a stunning 100″ picture from 8.2 feet away and has built-in speakers for an even more immersive experience, so all of your family members are included on this cinematic journey with just one device.”


  • The picture is fantastic
  • Great picture quality
  • Great projector for price


  • Fan is loud

Question And Answers:

Q1- Can I project from the side of the room?

ANS: No, you cannot.You need horizontal keystone correction for that feature which this model lacks.

Q2- Does this projector have Bluetooth capabilities?

ANS: No, it does not have bluetooth built in.

Q3- Does this come with the 3D glasses?

ANS: No it does not come with 3D glasses.


The BenQ HT2050 is a great projector for the price. If you’re looking to set up an office or classroom and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, this model would be perfect for your needs. It’s reasonably priced and offers many features that make it easy for you to achieve what you need in terms of presentations, video conferencing, gaming, etc. Another bonus?

You can get a three years warranty when buying from Amazon. This projector has been designed with durability in mind: it also includes built-in speakers which are better than some models we’ve seen at double the cost (or more). We recommend trying out the BenQ HT2050 if the budget is tight but quality matters most.

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