Are projectors healthier than screens

Do you want to know if projectors are healthier than screens? So do we. We all know that light from screens can be problematic, but the question is whether or not projectors are any better. 

A projector shines its light onto a screen, like your TV screen for instance, and projects an image on it. The image is sometimes clear enough to fool us into thinking that what we’re looking at is real life-like.

It makes sense then that some people might think this would be less of a problem because the light comes from behind instead of in front like with screens (and phone screens). 

But research has shown that these types of projections contain harmful blue lights as well which could cause eye strain over time.

Are projectors healthier than screens?

Projectors, like lamps and candles, emit light. This is a good thing because it’s natural and doesn’t emit the harmful blue light that screens do. Still, projectors are just as bad for your eyes as screens if you’re looking at them too much.

1-The screen is always in your face:

It’s hard to ignore the screen. It dominates your environment, always there waiting for you. You see it when you wake up in the morning and turn on your phone to check social media before getting out of bed.

You see it at work, where email notifications are constantly popping up on your screen. And you see it after a long day at work, as Netflix asks what movie or TV show should be next?

The screens never go away these days- they’re always in your face.

2-Projectors are less harmful than screens:

The average person spends more than 8 hours a day looking at screens. We see this time spent on our phones, laptops and TVs.

Projectors are an alternative to screens that can be used for presentations and entertainment purposes because they emit less harmful blue light than other types of screen devices. 

3-Projectors can be used outside and in bright light:

Do you love watching movies outdoors but the sun often makes it hard to see? If so, then a projector might be just what you need. Projectors can display images on screens that are up to 100 inches in size and they work well even if there is bright light outside. 

One of the best brands for projectors is Optoma, which offers models with 3D capabilities as well as 1080p resolution.

So next time you’re thinking about where to watch movie night or how to entertain guests during game day, consider using your projector instead of having everyone huddle around a TV set.

4-Screens can be distracting and cause eye strain:

There are many different types of screens and they each have their own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, LCDs can be easier to read than LEDs in direct sunlight but LEDs look better at night. 

There is also the question of size: some people prefer a big screen for watching movies while others prefer a smaller one so they can use it as an extra monitor for work. The decision on which type of screen you want to invest in will depend on your needs.


Projectors are a great way to make sure your audience can focus on the content you want them to see. But, what about projectors versus screens?

The key difference is that projectors emit light from an external device while screens do not. This means that there’s less of a risk for eye strain and other disruptions due to screen use in comparison with projector usage.

There are many benefits associated with using projectors over screens but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.