AAXA P2 Jr Pico Projector Review

Do you need to project images or videos on a wall? If so, then you’re in luck. There are many models of projectors that come with different features and sizes. Whether it’s for business purposes, school projects, or just for fun, there is something out there for everyone!

This post will give an overview of the best projector on the market today- The AAXA P2 Jr Pico Projector Review.

The article includes helpful information about what this model offers as well as who it would be appropriate for. It also provides links to buy online if interested.

AAXA P2 Jr Pico Projector Review:

AAXA P2 Jr Pico Projector

  • Hardware interface: VGA, AV Port, USB, HDMI
  • Manufacturer: AAXA Technologies
  • Wattage: 6 watts
  • Display resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Control method: App
  • Colour: black and white
  • Product dimension: 4.2 x 0.8 x 2.9 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces

This article will be reviewing the AAXA P2 jr pico projector. This is a project that is made for kids but can still be used by adults if needed. It has many great qualities such as being lightweight and having an easy-to-use interface on the screen of the projector itself.

It also has some cons like it only projects onto surfaces with low light or no light at all which makes it hard to use in well-lit areas like classrooms or living rooms during daytime hours due to this feature.

If you’re looking for a simple way to show your children movies without having them sit down in front of tv then this might just be the gadget for you! Make sure to follow along with our review below!

About this item:

Now you can watch your favorite movies or play games on one of the world’s smallest pico projectors, which fits in your pocket! This unit projects up to 50 inches and has an ultra-bright lamp that is rated for 15 000 hours at max capacity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching a film with family and friends or using it at work; this product is compatible with Apple Macs and PCs, USB plug ‘n play instant setup, fully supports HDMI VGA inputs so any type of device you have will fit.

Enjoy video playback without compression loss because it features vibrant color technology with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, giving off bright vivid colors while also being energy conserving. With all these functions packed into this tiny projector, no wonder.

AAXA’s P2 Jr. has everything you need to take with you on your next outing and is sometimes called the most powerful pocket projector in the world. It provides an immersive experience with a modern design that weighs only 3 oz! Unlike traditional projectors, this Pico projector uses an ultra-bright light engine that creates sharp and vivid images whether it shines on a white wall, screen, or even over water (i.e.: like a lake).

The brilliantly clear pictures displayed by this little device put those of traditional projectors to shame thanks to the latest pico-projector technology powered by ARM processor; up to 1080P HD video can be projected at 60 FPS as well as WXGA resolutions (1024x768p).

Have you ever wanted to show your photos to people around you?

With AAXA P2 Jr. Pico Projector, now you can! Get it today and share unforgettable moments with everyone on screen. Bring your kids into the living room or classroom every day with their favorite video of Frozen that they just want the whole world to see again and again. Play some Netflix at a party so people who arrive late don’t miss anything good–AAXA’s P2 Jr is simply too cool for words. It has always had limitations in size, power consumption, or compatibility-until now! The tiny 10-lumen projector delivers movies, pictures, and music time after time with its onboard processor and battery life of up to 90 minutes for making memories.

Say goodbye to huge screens and make the big occasion belong to everyone. The next time you gather with friends and family, don’t worry about cables or impressive sound setups; it’s simply not necessary when the AAXA P2 Jr fits in your pocket! Just sit back and enjoy an advanced viewing experience like no other: 720p HD video, music, photos– whatever fits on a USB drive (or SD card up to 16GB) is yours for the taking. Smaller than most medium-sized remotes- so tiny, we can’t even say how small!!! – it features all of the latest technologies: ARM processor ensures support for high definition video formats such as H.264 MJPEG and MPEG1/2/4 among.


  • Works great
  • Awesome product
  • Good quality
  • Lovely device


  • Bad sound

Questions and Answers:

Q1: Can this device be hooked up to a cable box?

ANS: Yes, it has micro HDMI input and micro VGA. It also includes a VGA cable converter (from VGA to micro VGA). Perhaps you might have to get an HDMI to micro HDMI cable.

Q2: Does this has a remote or some way to remotely control it? Does it have a sleep timer?

ANS: No remote, no sleep timer that I know of. Does not last on battery power as I expected, but when plugged in it is an awesome projector. Very clear even without a screen on a bare wall. Overall I am very happy with the purchase.

Q3: Can this projector send images through USB or is it just for power/charging?

ANS: If I understand your question correctly, yes, you can easily load, more specifically read an image and project it from a USB key.


The AAXA P2 Jr is one of the most affordable projectors on the market. It has a pocket-sized design, which makes it easy to travel with or use in your office. You can get up to 90 minutes out of its battery life without needing an outlet and enjoy 15000 hours of LED life.

With HDMI input capabilities, you’ll be able to connect all your favorite devices for presentations at any time! If this sounds like something you need for work or personal use, contact us today!

We are here to help find the right projector that works best for you whether you want a mini pico projector or anything else from our wide range of products designed with every user in mind.

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